Ikebana Demonstration by Ken Katayama

Ikebana Demonstration by Ken Katayama

Sogetsu Teachers Assoc. Auckland Branch

Price: Exhibition: Free Admission
Demonstration: Adult $20.- Student/Senior $15.- Under 12 Free

Saturday, 25 August Exhibition 2pm - 5pm

Sunday, 26 August Exhibition 10am - 4pm

Sunday, 26 August Demonstration 11am-12:30pm


Celebrating Sogetsu Auckland Branch’s 50th Anniversary

Sogetsu was established by the founding Master Sofu Teshigahara back in 1927 in Japan. Master Teshigahara recognized Ikebana, Japanese flower arrangements, as a creative art; anyone can enjoy Sogetsu Ikebana, anytime, anywhere, using any materials.

Here in New Zealand, Sogetsu Auckland Branch was established by dedicated students back in 1968, led by Mrs. A. de Forge of Taupiri, whom all continued to study Sogetsu Ikebana over many decades.

Amongst 110-plus branches and study groups around the world, Auckland Branch is the oldest establishment, following branches in Australia.

Sogetsu Ikebana continues to adapt and evolve alongside changing eras and lifestyles.

Do come along to the 50th anniversary exhibition and flower arrangement demonstration by Master Instructor Ken Katayama from Sogetsu Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. It is an event, not to be missed by all genres of art enthusiasts of all ages.

Enquiries: aucklandsogetsu50th@gmail.com