Monkey King and Skeleton Devil

Monkey King and Skeleton Devil

Australasian Art and Stageworks Inc Presents


Tuesday, 23 July 5:45pm

Running time: 4 hours 45mins
Interval time: 20 mins

Monkey King and Skeleton Devil including Chinese Opera Favourites – SELLING FAST!!!

Monkey King and Skeleton Devil is a well-known episode from Journey to the West, which is the story about Tripitaka, escorted by his three disciples, Monkey, Pigsy and Sandy, on his journey to the West in search of Buddhist scriptures.

Being a holy Monk in his previous life, Tripitaka is well known to the underworld demons that he isn’t just a normal monk, his flesh can heal wounds and even give them an eternal life. Among the demons, a clever White-Skeleton devil knows the weaknesses of human beings and changes herself into different forms, first a beautiful girl, then an old lady and an old man, to deceive Tripitaka and capture him. Monkey sees through all her disguises and finally kills them. Having anticipated the attack, the demon had actually escaped, leaving behind her only a vision to trick Tripitaka and the others. Sure enough, Tripitaka was appalled at the killing, and began to punish Monkey by tightening the magic ring on his head with his incantation and expelled him from the team.

Will Monkey come back to help when Tripitaka is captured by White-Skeleton?

This full length theatre piece is presented by Azure Seas Cantonese Tradition Theatre group of which the performers, backstage technician and live music orchestra are mostly teachers, graduates and students of Hong Kong Academy School of Art.