Rhythm Kingdom

Rhythm Kingdom

The Renaissance School of Dance Presents

Price: ADULT $32.00
CHILD Age 3 to 16 years $20.00
UNDER 3 Free on knees (no prams in Theatre) $0.00
DOOR SALE Tickets purchased at the door $38.00

Saturday, 21 September 4pm

Sunday, 22 September 12pm

Sunday, 22 September 4pm

A dance and performing arts show presented by talented children with a passion to perform!

Follow a cast of passionate dancers and performers as they tell the legendary story of a young heir to the throne of the animal kingdom, learning about his place in the world – to stand tall and proud – never forgetting who he is and where he has come from. Owning his past and moving forward to the future…will he learn from his (and others) mistakes?

The stage production of RHYTHM KINGDOM is directed by Marguerite Howlett and co-produced by Tayla Coulbeck and Caitlin O’Neill.

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