The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker


ADULT $20.00
CHILD From 3 to 12 years old $15.00
UNDER 3 Free on knees (no prams in theatre) $0.00
DOOR SALE Tickets purchased at the door $30.00

Sunday, 28 October 6:00pm

Running time: 120 minutes
Interval time: 15 minutes

The Nutcraker, ballet performing show presented by THE BALLET students.

ACT 1-1

It is Christmas Eve, Clara welcomes her guests to the Christmas party. A magician makes the mood of the party enjoyable by showing strange and wonderful magic shows. Clara gets a toy nutcracker for a Christmas present from the magician but her sister is jealous and snatches the Nutcracker from Clara and breaks it. Clara sorrows while the magician fixes the Nutcracker by her magic and comforts her. The guests leave and all is quiet.

ACT 1-2

Clara falls asleep with the Nutcracker in her arms and starts her journey in Christmas Eve night. In her dream, the living room fills with an army of mice, led by the Mouse King. The Nutcraker leads his army of toy soldiers into battle against the mice. After the Nutcracker has fallen and all hope seems lost, Clara kills the Mouse King with her shoes. Suddenly, Clara transforms into a beautiful young princess and goes on a journey to mysterious world. On her way, she meets Snowflakes and starts her journey by dancing with them.


Arriving in the Land of Sweets, Clara is welcomed by the Fairies and show Spain dance, Korean dance, Chinese dance, Russian dance, French dance and dance of the fairies. The waltz of the flowers and dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy come to an end of a mysterious journey of fantasy. Clara wakes and reminds a pleasant dream in a Christmas morning.