What Women Want

What Women Want

Diva Productions Present

Price: Free

Wednesday, 12 September 4:15pm - 7pm

Wednesday, 12 September 7:30pm - 10pm

Running time: 3 hours

What Women Want is an intelligent, interactive, entertaining Q&A style show, featuring NZ’s women leaders, activists, comedians and change-makers, to be filmed in front of an invited audience. We are proud to be a part of the Suffrage 125 national event programme.

Hosted by Ali Mau and Mc’d by The Topp Twins. Embracing a chat show format (think Graham Norton), Ali will ask our contributors several questions connected to their work and area of expertise. The event will be filmed and uploaded to Stuff.co.nz as a delayed “live” Suffrage Special, on September 19th. RNZ will be a secondary platform for selective content.

The main aim is to have a lively and engaging conversation that addresses the key issues facing NZ women today. The event will be split into TWO sessions:

Session One – 4.15pm to 7.00pm will include an Overview Discussion, Ending Domestic Violence & Health.

Session Two – 7.30pm to 10.30pm will include Ending Sexual Violence and Pay Equity.

To counter-balance these serious topics, Michele A-Court, Mel Bracewell and The Topp Twins shall perform short scripted comedy segments on stage that will lighten the tone and punctuate key messages.

If you would like to attend the full event, tickets must be booked seperately for each Session.