Chandelier - cover by Two Kingdoms (feat. Andrew Papas)

October 2014

Music video "CHANDELIER" a cover by Two Kingdoms (featuring Andrew Papas) which was shot in one of the studios here at the Raye Freedman Arts Centre. 

Behind the Scenes - making of Chandelier - cover by Two Kingdoms

October 2014

A behind the scenes look at the making of the "Chandelier" music video. 

Chamber Music NZ

March 2014

New Zealand String Quartet's viola player, Gillian Ansell, shares some insights on the exciting Chamber Music New Zealand tour TALES FROM THE FORBIDDEN CITY


TOURING NZ 9 - 15 MARCH, performance at RFAC March 15

In this ground-breaking project the renowned contemporary Forbidden City Chamber Orchestra (China) joins with the acclaimed New Zealand String Quartet to perform works written especially for the two groups by Chinese and New Zealand composers.


The centrepiece is a major new music and film collaboration by Michael Norris and David Downes, paired with a new concerto for piano and traditional instruments by one of China's best known composers, Gao Ping.

Co-produced by Jack Body (NZ) and Liu Shun (China).


The culmination of a year's work, of travel between two countries, of music that will astonish your ears, delight your eyes, and stretch your mind.



Click here for more programme and concert details.