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The Ash Girl

The Ash Girl

EGGS Drama presents

Price: $10.00 - Standard Admit One

Wednesday, 10 August 7:00PM

Thursday, 11 August 7:00PM


The Ash Girl by Timerlake Wertenbaker, performed by Year 12 Epsom Girls’ Grammar Drama students.

When an invitation to The Ball arrives at the Ash Girl’s house, she can’t bring herself to believe that she, like her sisters can go. With her mother dead, and her father away, she must learn to fight the monsters that have slithered and insinuated their way into her heart and mind. She must believe in herself, for others to do so. In this wondrous drama, Timberlake Wertenabaker explores the beauty and terror of inherent in growing up. The Ash Girl is a fable of and for our times