Epsom Girls Grammar School

The Raye Freedman Arts Centre began as the Epsom Girls Grammar School’s Jubilee Project in 1992. Epsom Girls Grammar School is very proud to have challenged and supported young women since 1917 and to have produced many leaders in a variety of walks of life.

We are a large, diverse school yet we aim to treat all students as individuals. We focus on identifying and catering for individual academic and pastoral needs and want all students to feel that they belong.

Positive, supportive relationships between students and staff form the basis for learning and we promote these. We want our students to be confident, active partners in their learning taking full advantage of all that the school can offer them. Developing leadership is important to us and, as a girls’ school, we can provide numerous opportunities to build the confidence and the skills of many young women. The Raye Freedman Arts Centre is one of the great opportunities offered here at Epsom Girls Grammar School.

The Raye Freedman Arts Centre has become the perfect place to showcase some of the school’s amazing artistic talent and for students to share their gifts with the community. The Centre is not only a modern theatre venue and rehearsal space, it also houses the school’s Music and Drama Departments.

The school remembers both Raye Freedman and Lady Joyce Fisher fondly. We are extremely appreciative of both of the Trusts of these amazing women for the overwhelming generosity they have shown to Epsom Girls Grammar School. Their part in helping the dream to become a reality in 2005 is gratefully acknowledged.

Achievement is very important to Epsom Girls Grammar School in the academic, sporting and arts and cultural areas and our results on both a local and a national level are impressive. Epsom Girls Grammar School is proud to announce that 2012 Year 13 students were accepted into both the Unitec Performing Arts Course and Toi Whakaari National Drama School.

Kalyani Nagarajan (Acting)
Beth Absalom (Theatre Management).

Both have been trained in the RFAC at EGGS and have a wealth of experience in a professional theatre as a result.

Toi Whakaari take only 20 acting students a year from around the country and all courses at both tertiary institutes favour students with some life experience, so it is especially wonderful that they have been accepted straight out of school.

The Head of the Epsom Girls Grammar Music department is Peter Thomas and the Head of Drama department is Anna Richardson.